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Blue Merle French Bulldogs - Health, Breeding, and Care

Do you love the look of Blue Merle French Bulldogs and think about getting one? You are not alone. These special dogs are popular because of their unique coat and different-colored eyes. Alpharetta Frenchies’ experts will answer common questions about these dogs, including their health, breeding, and care.

General Information

Such a dog has a special coat pattern. The special gene causes some parts of the dog's coat, nose, and eyes to lose color. It makes patches of different colors on their body. When the color changes in the eyes, it makes them bright azure.

Health Concerns and Misconceptions

Some people think these canines are always unhealthy. But this is not true. The colorful gene does not cause problems by itself. These dogs can be fine if they are bred carefully. To keep them sound, dogs should be paired with dogs that have solid coat colors.

Controversy in Breeding

Reproducing can be complicated. If two dogs of this coat are paired, their puppies might have health issues. Additionally, some canines do not display such patterns on their coat. These are called "ghost Merles." They appear normal but can still pass the specific gene to their offspring, potentially causing problems if not properly tested.

Responsible breeders conduct genetic tests to ensure their dogs are sound and free of hidden colorful genes.

Are They Purebred?

These dogs are purebred. Many years ago the pattern came from another breed. After many generations, the pattern became part of these dogs. It happened with other coat colors too.

AKC Acceptance

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not accept this or other unusual-colored dogs. The AKC only accepts black brindle, cream, fawn, pied, and white as standard colors. But many people still love and appreciate the unique colors. To learn more about it, read our article.


Caring for these dogs is pretty typical. They need a good diet, regular exercise, and proper grooming.
A raw diet, called the BARF diet, is perfect for them. It helps prevent skin allergies and keeps them healthy. Regular exercise, like daily walks and playtime, keeps them at a normal weight.
Grooming is also important. Brush their coat regularly to keep it clean and reduce shedding. Clean their skin folds often to prevent infections. With good care, they can be healthy and happy pets.

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