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Stud Service

Our stud services are conducted either at our home in Georgia or at a veterinary clinic, with all clinic expenses borne by the dog's owner. Please note that the provision of this service is exclusive to the state of Georgia, where all our males are located. The mating process typically spans three sessions every other day, starting on the 8th or 9th day of the female's readiness, as confirmed by a recommended progesterone test. We advise initiating this test from the sixth day onwards. Payment for our services varies based on the male chosen and is settled in full before mating. Successful mating, confirmed by the birth of two or more puppies, concludes the process. In the event of a single puppy or no birth, a complimentary re-mating opportunity is extended during the subsequent estrus cycle. After the second attempt, regardless of litter size, the arrangement is considered fulfilled.

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Available Puppies
Lilac Isabella Carrier (At/A, B/B, Co/Co, D/D, N/EM)

Male | 3 Years | Atlanta, GA

Meet our purebred French Bulldog, boasting 100% natural lineage. AKC registered and hailing from verified parents, he embodies the epitome of authenticity. His affinity for water is undeniable — he eagerly indulges in swimming whenever the chance arises. Sporting a medium-weight and robust muscular frame, he exudes strength and vitality. Above all, he radiates cheerfulness, boasting an impeccable temperament and character. Anticipate his offspring to inherit his joyful disposition and boundless enthusiasm. For further details, kindly reach out via email.
Blue Merle Fluffy

Male | 1 Year | Atlanta, GA

If you're seeking the ideal breeding companion, look no further than my Fluffy French Bulldog! With his stunning Merle coloring, impeccable lineage, and proven fertility, he stands as the epitome of excellence. His offspring consistently inherit his striking appearance, adorable short muzzles, and robust health. If you're eager to enhance your breeding program and welcome adorable puppies into the world, don't hesitate to reach out for further details. My Fluffy French Bulldog is poised and ready to sire a new generation of beautiful offspring!
Merle Isabella New Shade (At/A, B/B, Co/Co, D/D EM/EM)

Male | 1 Year | Atlanta, GA

Meet The Big Boss, a male French Bulldog paragon of robust physique and stellar health. With impeccable genetic lineage and ancestry, he stands as an exemplary candidate for breeding. Endowed with a high level of intelligence and learning acumen, he effortlessly imparts his positive attributes to his progeny. His zest for play and active lifestyle render him an ideal family companion, while his amiable disposition ensures harmonious interactions with both animals and humans alike. The Big Boss epitomizes the breed's finest qualities, promising to bestow upon you a lineage of magnificent, healthy puppies of unparalleled beauty.
Blue Tan, Big Rope, (At/A, B/B, N/Co, D/D, EM/EM)
Male | 1 Year | Atlanta, GA

Behold this French Bulldog, boasting impeccable proportions and a well-defined physique — short muzzle, broad chest, robust paws, and a sturdy posture. Coupled with excellent health and a commendable temperament, he emerges as a prime candidate for breeding. His adherence to the breed standard renders him highly desirable for mating with other French Bulldogs, promising the birth of exceptional offspring. This dog epitomizes the aspirations of discerning breeders and dog enthusiasts aiming to elevate the breed and produce healthy, stunning progeny. With its compact size and irresistible charm, he excels as a breeding partner and thrives as a cherished companion for those who value beauty, health, and exemplary canine character.
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