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French Bulldog | Alpharetta Frenchies

If a person needs a companion dog, the French Bulldog is the ideal option for almost any dog owner. It is a good-natured, calm, sociable, and affectionate dog that knows how to find a common language with all family members.

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Origin of the French Bulldog

The origin of the French Bulldog has yet to be fully discovered. It is assumed that their ancestors are Molossians. In Paris, large dogs were crossbred with each other, but over time, due to the high cost of their maintenance, it was decided to use smaller and smaller dogs. The first Standard French Bulldog Show was held in 1887.

In 2012, on the contrary, the characteristics of the breed were finally formed with the introduction of a pattern characterized by a change in the shape of the muzzle or a shortening of the bulldog’s body.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a brachycephalic breed. It has a sloping, flat muzzle. It is the main characteristic of French Bulldogs. The eyes are round and large, the ears are raised, and the tips are rounded.

The neck is short, and the back is rather broad. The French Bulldog also has a short tail. As for the size and weight of a dog of this breed, it does not apply to miniatures. Its weight is from 8 to 14 kg, highly dependent on gender. The color varies from light to dark.

French Bulldog – Traits

The French Bulldog is a mild-mannered dog that loves interacting with people, especially with the owner. It requires constant attention and is not suitable for a lonely life. Thanks to all these qualities, the bulldog gets along well with children. It is very tolerant, and you can quickly gain its trust by giving it your attention. It is not a noisy dog. So, it will do well in an apartment. It is also worth knowing that this breed does not need much physical activity. Walks and games are enough.

How to care for a French Bulldog?

Grooming a French Bulldog is quite easy. The coat is short, so it does not need daily brushing like long-haired dogs. Once a week is enough. It is important to regularly clean the ears and eyes of the dogs, but this does not have to be done every day.


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