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Discover the Stunning Color Combinations of French Bulldogs

One of the most delightful aspects of French Bulldogs is the variety of color combinations they come in. From lilac to black and tan, these dogs are celebrated for their unique markings and exotic hues. Here’s a comprehensive guide to recognizing the beautiful color combos in the breed.

Blue Brindle

They are created when both parents pass along the dominant brindle gene combined with the blue color gene. This results in a striking appearance where the dog's black hair appears bluish-gray, complemented by blue pigmentation on their nose and pads. Blue brindle puppies are born with blue eyes, which usually change to light brown or amber as they mature. The unique coat and eye color make blue brindles highly desirable.

Solid Blue

They are particularly sought after for their exotic steel gray coat. To achieve this solid blue color, both parents must share a specific DNA trait that prevents brindle stripes from developing. While blue brindles appear solid at birth, their striping becomes apparent a few weeks later. In contrast, true solid blue Frenchies maintain their unmarked coat throughout their lives, making them rare and highly cherished.


They are the result of combining chocolate and blue genes, producing a lilac coat that can range from cool blue to various shades of lilac to silver. These dogs often have white markings on their chest and face, and their noses display a lavender or purple hue. Their eyes are light and vibrant, often remaining strikingly beautiful into adulthood. The lilac coloration is a recent and exotic addition to the color palette, making these dogs particularly prized.


They are incredibly unique due to their distinctive patterning and rarity. They can come in a variety of colors, including blue, lilac, chocolate, black, and tan. Their coats feature a marbled effect with patches of these colors distributed unevenly, making each dog one-of-a-kind. The merle gene also influences their eyes, often resulting in striking blue or heterochromatic eyes (where each eye is a different color).

Lilac and Tan

The lilac and tan dog features a sleek silver coat with tan markings on the chest, face, and legs. This combination is highly sought after due to its stunning contrast and visual appeal. The eyes of lilac and tan pups are typically light-colored and retain their brightness into adulthood, adding to their overall allure.


They are among the rarest due to the recessive gene required from both parents. These dogs possess a rich, chocolate-colored coat and often have green or gold eyes. The chocolate gene can be combined with other genes to create even more unique color variations, but pure chocolate Frenchies are especially treasured for their uncommon appearance.

Black and Tan

Black and tan dogs have a sleek black coat with tan and white accents on the chest, legs, and face. This color combination is the result of specific gene interactions and is quite rare. The contrast between the black and tan colors is reminiscent of the markings on a Doberman, giving these canines a distinctive and elegant look.

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