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The Fluffy French Bulldog - Everything You Should Know

At Alpharetta Frenchies, we take pride in breeding the delightful and unique Fluffy French Bulldog. Combining the charm of the traditional ones with a distinctive, fluffy coat, this variant has captivated dog lovers everywhere. As the most popular breed in the United States as of 2023 and the Best in Show winner at the 2022 National Dog Show, the breed continues to rise in popularity. It's no wonder that the long-haired version is gaining so much attention.

About the Breed

It is a long-haired version of the breed. This unique trait comes from having two copies of the recessive L1 or L4 gene, resulting in a longer, softer, and fluffier coat. A non-visual Fluffy carries just one copy of this gene. While standard one’s fur is about 1 cm in length, the fur of a Fluffy one can grow up to 1 inch.

Physical Characteristics

They share the same stocky and muscular build as standard bulldogs but have some key differences:

- Coat: Their most notable feature is their plush, soft fur, which is a stark contrast to the short, smooth coat of their standard counterparts.

- Temperature Regulation: Their longer fur offers better temperature regulation, particularly in colder weather.

Do They Shed?

Yes, they do shed. Despite having double copies of the lowest shedding genes available for the breed, shedding is still present but manageable. For tips on reducing shedding and to learn about required grooming, check out our Guide.

How to Breed Them?

A true Fluffy is a purebred French Bulldog. There are no other breeds involved. For more information on our stud Spiffy, including his Embark DNA test results proving his 100% purebred status and AKC pedigree verification, visit Spiffy’s stud page.

Where Can I Find Such Dogs for Sale?

We regularly produce our stud with outside kennels and list the puppies on our website. Check out our Puppies for Sale Page for any available little fluffy mates and feel free to reach out directly to inquire about the available pups or upcoming litters.

American Kennel Club (AKC)

They can be registered with the AKC, although their coat length isn't specified on the registration. While the AKC does not consider them to meet breed standards for show competition, they can still be registered and receive a pedigree. However, the International Bully Kennel Club (IBKC) accepts them for show purposes.

Why Choose These Dogs?

They bring joy with their charming personalities, manageable size, and striking appearance. They are perfect for those who love the breed but desire a pet with a unique, eye-catching look.


Though relatively rare, the Fluffy Bulldog showcases the diversity and adaptability of the breed. Whether you're a longtime dog enthusiast or looking for a unique canine companion, this canine offers all the charisma and charm of the standard breed, wrapped in a luxurious, soft coat that invites cuddles and admiration.

If you're considering adding this dog to your family, prioritize ethical breeding practices to ensure a healthy and happy addition to your home. At Alpharetta Frenchies, we are committed to providing the best care and quality for our dogs and their new families.

For more information on available puppies, visit our Puppies for Sale Page. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect lifetime companion.