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The Main Peculiarities of Living with French Bulldogs

Alpharetta Frenchies Breeder offers spirited and lively French Bulldogs that form strong bonds with their owners. Ideal for both singles and families, especially those with children, these companions easily coexist with other pets. Caring for these French Bulldogs is straightforward, emphasizing the consideration of their specific breed characteristics.

Perfect for Apartment Living:

The compact size of French Bulldogs makes them well-suited for apartment living, ensuring they won’t feel cramped. Whether in a small house or apartment, creating a designated, draft-free spot away from heating devices enhances their comfort and prevents potential health issues like dermatological problems due to dry skin.

Nutritional Excellence:

Alpharetta Frenchies Breeder recognizes the dietary needs of French Bulldogs, who are prone to allergies. The breeder recommends premium, industrially produced food to avoid potential allergic reactions associated with cheaper alternatives. These premium options ensure a balanced intake of essential vitamins and minerals, eliminating the need for additional supplements.

Tailored Dietary Guidance:

Alpharetta Frenchies Breeder advises careful planning for a balanced 1/3 fiber and 2/3 animal protein ratio for those considering a natural diet. The breeder encourages consultation with a veterinarian for expert menu creation. Forbidden foods include fatty meat, soft bones, river fish, legumes, cereals, pasta, sweets, and all smoked, salted, and flour-based items. Regular monitoring of the dog’s weight is emphasized to prevent overfeeding and potential health problems.

Effortless Hygiene and Grooming:

French Bulldogs require uncomplicated care. Bathing is infrequent, recommended once a quarter from the age of 9 months, using warm water and hypoallergenic or herbal shampoos. Regular wiping with baby wipes or wet towels after walks, along with facial fold cleaning, ensures preventive care.

Effective Grooming Routine:

Grooming includes combing 2-3 times a week, and daily during shedding, using a special brush for short-haired breeds. Attention to ears, eyes, teeth, and nails completes the routine, ensuring the overall well-being of Frenchies.

Tailored Outdoor Activities:

Alpharetta Frenchies Breeder understands the importance of regular physical activity for French Bulldogs. Adults require at least two 30-minute walks daily, while puppies need more frequent, shorter walks. The breeder recommends weather-appropriate clothing, such as windproof jackets, for protection. Extreme weather conditions are to be avoided, with walks tailored to prevent overheating, maintaining optimal temperatures between +64 to +77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Training Excellence:

Intelligent and easily trained, Alpharetta Frenchies’ Bulldogs require minimal additional training due to their cooperative nature. Establishing leadership early on is vital to manage potential dominance tendencies. Promptly addressing biting behaviors is essential. Despite their small size, these Bulldogs exhibit protective instincts and sociability, making them an excellent choice for those seeking an affectionate and well-balanced companion. Regular care and attention from Alpharetta Frenchies Breeder ensure the happiness and well-being of these cherished pets.

If the idea of adding a French Bulldog to your family appeals to you, Alpharetta Frenchies is your reliable source. Explore our website to find your perfect four-legged companion among our available Black, Fawn, and Lilac French Bulldog puppies for sale. For more details, feel free to browse our website or reach out to our dedicated managers via phone. Your dream French Bulldog awaits!